“Regions of Enchantment”
Written by Yfat Ben-Natan:

Regions of Enchantment
In the center of Ayelet Carmi's paintings stands a woman. This is not a woman who represents submission or feminine softness, nor does she convey the usual feminist messages. Her image represents both an antique and a futuristic goddess. In her mind and soul she is like a juggler, flexible and independent. She is powerful, and mobile, she flies and explores and carries with her wondrous knowledge from an infinite space, she posesses a secret.

She radiates liberated self awareness and her natural nudeness does not have anything to do with the conventions of body shaping. This is an exposed existential state in which a figure is totaly devoted to performing acts of deep significance, which raise wonder by the viewer. Is she relaying messages from a different reality ? Is she involved in a ceremony or a ritual ? Is she, perhaps, trying to create spots and shapes with her body - in the painting or in the world ? Even when the woman is absent from the painting her power emerges, like spiraling energy, like a gate opener - as implied by some of the names of the imageless paintings.

Ayelet's miniature paintings contain within them an open space, a whole world, dimensions beyond.

This space is inhabited by a figure of a woman who rules it relentlessly. The earthiness of this woman radiates defiance and presence and strengthens her. Her mythological might, ageless and limitless maked her pass a series of existential tests. The image appears spontaneously in the process, as if flying from elsewhere and identifying itself to the artist. Her presence in the space of the painting is momentary like a pause on her journey onward. The journey involves hovering, falling and rising, ceremonies of creation and inner observations.

For Ayelet Carmi her paintings are landmarks in a private journey. In her work she suggests existential solutions, but in them more is unknown than known. They are dominated by humor, fantasy and mysticism and they hint of worlds beyond and of a state of watching. The names of the paintings - Falling, Stories of Creation, The Battle, Rain Blessing, etc., create a web of enchanted reality, this reality is void of heavy emotional involvement and it is enveloped in fine humor, in the joy of revelation and the art of playing.